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A healthy Pool of employees positively affects your bottom line

It has been shown that companies that institute a wellness program have experienced a reduction in their overall healthcare costs, employee turnover, sick days, time off and have experienced an increase in employee productivity.

Healthcare costs are on the rise and wellness programs have proven success in managing and containing this problem. Companies that have implemented a well developed wellness program have the potential of negotiating lower rates from their health insurance providers. Companies who are self-insured and manage their own health insurance plans have seen substantial cost reduction.

Benefits of a Wellness Program

  1. Reduced Annual Paid Claims Per Participant
  2. Reduced Workman's Compensations Claims
  3. Reduced Absenteeism and Sick Leave
  4. Increased Productivity and Work Performance
  5. Increased Company Loyalty and Workplace Morale
  6. Positive Impact on an Organization's Bottom Line

Getting Started is as simple as 1-2-3

For a FREE consultation, please contact us at:

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What we do

  • Design & Implement custom wellness programs
  • Manage wellness events
  • Provide individualized Health Risk Assessments for employees
  • Assess the overall health of the organization
  • Positively affect your bottom line
Health Risk Assessments for employees

Why choose
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  • Confidentiality in accordance with HIPPA regulations
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